Power & Data

Iceland is a photographer’s dream, whether a landscape photographer or a documentary photographer the island is ever changing. This project explores the incongruence of man’s encroachment on the landscape as its society evolves in so called progress.

Pylons & Poles 6

Stretching across the beautiful open wilderness of Iceland are long roads joining up the communities of small villages, towns and tourist spots. Along these roads for mile after mile the pylons & telegraph poles keep you company as you travel from area to area.

The images are all taken from the car, so you get a view of how the power lines look from the road as you travel through the south of the island.

Undeniably these structures add essential elements to the photography. They stand there like sentries, keeping guard over the wide open spaces.



Do the power lines add nostalgic elements from the industrial revolution to an island still held in the grip of the battle between the tectonic plates of Europe & the USA?

Poles & Pylons 1

Poles & Pylons 1



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